Manheim Township

“Ray Lewis has provided us professional service and customer support and has been willing to help with a variety of issues. I have been impressed with his prompt responses, patience and most importantly his ability to find issues and solve them quickly! Thanks Ray!”

--Andrew Bowman, BCO and MCP
Manheim Township, PA

Recently Beth Connor, Office Manager for the City of Clemson, SC, wrote in with compliments to CityView Support Analyst Dustin Shackley for his resolution of her support ticket:

“I cannot express how much I appreciate everything that Dustin has done for me over the years!!! Thank you again!!! You guys are so easy to work with! Plus every time we share a screen I either am reminded of things I'd forgotten or I learn something.”

“Every time I am able to connect with Carlo, he consistently provides an excellent level of customer service. Consistency is a key term because his demeanor is always pleasant and positive – even to the point of updating me on his dog that rests by his side while working, but his knowledge of the software is extensive and thorough. I have yet to stump him. Finally, I am a hands-on learner, so I often ask him to “let me do it.” He obliges without hesitation and walks me through the required steps to solve my problem or learn the new task. Carlo is a solid performer for your organization.” 

--Preston Mitchell, Development & Code Services Manager
City of Salisbury, NC

“I can always depend on Ray to resolve my issues in a timely manner. He goes the extra mile to ensure all aspects of the problem are taken care of. He is patient, kind, and calming in a world that has been so chaotic as of late. Today Ray picked up one of my feedbacks and in the process of resolution, he was able to take care of other outstanding issues that had been in progress for several days.

"I can’t tell you how relieved I felt after my call with Ray. He took so much frustration and anxiety away from me that I felt compelled to inform you.”

--Susan McLaughlin
Village of Islamorada, FL

“I just want to say thank you for sending Ray to come visit us yesterday. As always, he was super helpful and friendly and it really showed the value CityView has for customer service.”

--Kelly Leech, Development Officer, Planning & Development department
City of Leduc, Alberta, Canada

“The support team has been extremely responsive and I am beyond impressed. Most of the feedbacks are just us needing to know how to do something and their explanations are very helpful. Our feedbacks are drastically dropping in number, which makes it easier for us to maintain. I cannot thank you guys enough!”

--Corinne Cowdell
City of South Jordan, UT

“I spent quite a while in customer service from rep to manager to trainer and am always happy when I have an experience like the one Dustin recently provided. In addition Dustin also carried right on answering additional questions from my manager without missing a beat. Clear directions, concise explanations behind his suggestions – things every support professional should strive for. Dustin is the epitome of awesome! Absolutely appreciate him!”

--Nicole Harder
City of Conroe, Texas

“I would like to thank you [John Edwards & Andy Burrows] both for the exceptional service and support offered to Airdrie’s team during our upgrade and implementation of the Planning module. I would like to extend my appreciation for your exceptional customer service!”

--Rosaline Wood
City of Airdrie, AB

“The CityView Health Check Report provided a concise review of our operational environment and IT infrastructure.The report itself is easy to read, easy to analyze and easy to comprehend.The Health Check, coupled with the follow-on review and discussion with CityView Support Services, highlighted areas of inefficiencies within our organization and allowed us to develop strategies to mitigate and improve how we use the application for the betterment of our citizens.”

--Chuck Stevens
La Plata County, CO

“It’s been a pleasure working with all of you and meeting most of you at the conferences. Susan you have one of the best support teams I’ve ever worked with, especially John, Carlo and Andy. Not only are they good at what they do, but they have great customer skills too.”

--Susan Schaeffer
Manheim Township, PA

“I wanted to just take a moment to commend Ray Lewis on his performance to date regarding Collier CityView support. Ray has pleasantly surprised us in how quickly he has adapted and learned CityView in general and more so of our Collier CityView product in such a short time.

“Since Ray has joined your Harris CityView support team, we have resolved or are addressing a number of feedback issues and he is always quick to follow up and respond which makes things on our end much easier, which allows us to then support our customers/staff in a more timely manner. Ray is also very responsive if we have something urgent to address in Production which is very critical for Collier.

“I/We look forward to working together with Ray and the rest of your CityView support staff this year.”

--Cheryl L. Soter
Collier County, FL

“Good Morning ; Happy February ... I just wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the support staff and the training staff - especially Ian :)

“As you know - Cornwall (Christian and I) recently took 2014.10 CityView Configuration Training via a Webinar with Ian - and it went well. Ian was very supportive and knowledgeable - and when he was not sure of something - he found the answer for us eventually. A gentleman and a scholar.

“There were times during the past two weeks (while we were configuring) when we had challenges where other staff was often requested for assistance - and they came through for us - in good time. There are still a few outstanding items that are being looked into by your staff - however, we do anticipate a follow-up by them soon!

“So all that to say MERCI, THANK YOU, GRACIAS. Very much appreciated! Cheers, Bernadine and Christian.”

--Bernadine Robertson
City of Cornwall, ON

“I want to pass on thanks to [Susan], Sue L, Ian, John, Andy, Sean, Carlo, Jared and David for all the assistance over the years. You have a great product and even better team supporting it.”
--Craig McEachern
City of Airdrie, AB

The software (BluePrince) performs flawlessly for us. Excellent customer service is a phone call away. Corey is awesome! The contractor portal has really worked well for us, cutting phone calls by 50% which allows permit technicians to better serve walk in clients. We have an excellent relationship. Ryan Frommel is awesome! He and Corey help us through any bumps in the road which are very few.”
--Steve Yeargin, Building Official
Lancaster County, SC

“I wanted to commend Andy and John for exceptional service tonight with our release.We, at Collier, sincerely appreciate their dedication to the success of our business.”
--Simon Cleveland, Project Manager
Collier County, FL

“Happy Friday! Good afternoon John and Bill ... I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much... The uploading of the newer version of CityView went well due to the collaboration with the both of you. It is very much appreciated and I enjoy working together as a team to have a very healthy/successful outcome. I look forward to continued collaboration amongst all of us. Cheers to a great weekend!”
--Bernadine McEvoy-Robertson, Supervisor
Building & By-Law Department, City of Cornwall, ON

Bernadine McEvoy-Robertson, Supervisor, Building & By-Law Department for the City of Cornwall, ON, wrote in with compliments to the CityView Support team:
“I just wanted to let the CityView team know that Jared has gone above and beyond his duties. I was working on Sunday and I sent Jared an email with a request for Monday. He saw my emailand knew it was a very important request. And so, from the comfort of his home,he followed through with my email request and within minutes I had what I needed. Thank you Jared – you are a great CityView support person!”

Gay Sullivan of the City of Cornwall, ON, CA, wrote in to Support Manager John Edwards:
“I have moved on to another City Department but would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance throughout the years. Your knowledge of the program and willingness to assist are extremely valuable to CityView. I believe in your product…it is a wonderful program and I appreciate having worked with the CityView staff and support group.”

Matt Woods, Senior Systems Analyst for Go Live Technology, Inc., a firm that represents municipalities throughout the Southern California region and does work as consultants for four CityView customers, wrote in to tell us of his experiences dealing with CityView staff:

“Hi Susan, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your firm for all of the exceptional service your team has been providing. I used to be the VP of Sales & Operations at two different software development firms that created complex database finance systems, which we sold, deployed and supported for clients throughout the United States. So I know full well how much hard work goes into maintaining satisfied customers.

“As good as your product is or can be, if you don’t have quality people in key support and development positions, then your clients will inevitably feel frustrated. I’ve been working with John, Vince, Jared and Carlo now for over 1 ½ years and I’m extremely impressed by their professionalism and competency. They all do an incredible job of patiently wading through problems and coming up with the solutions. I know from experience that their collective product knowledge and professionalism, combined with the amount of time they have been with your organization is a fairly rare occurrence in the industry and serves as testimony to the solid job you and your firm’s management team are doing.

“Please pass along my gratitude to your team.”

Holly Mercier appreciates the work done by the CityView Support team in assisting the City of West St. Paul, MN increase efficiencies in document management:

“Stuck in the transition between our paper systems and our paperless goals, we were looking for ways to increase efficiencies in the scanning and indexing of our paper permit documents. The CityView team understood our need and was able to provide the support needed to get it done. There was a quick and easy way to pull the needed information out of the database and into a series of barcodes printed at the top of our permit letters.

“These permit letters can now be used as a cover-sheets for permit documents which can quickly be scanned and automatically indexed in our Laserfiche document management system. This is a huge time saver - a great value added at no additional cost. Thanks for the support CityView!”

"Carlo, Thank you for the outstanding customer service yesterday.Your patience and professionalism were much appreciated in restoring our database as a result of the JetComp crash. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries."
- Don Forry, Director of Code Compliance, BCO and MCP; Manheim Township, PA

“Sean, Just wanted to send a note to let you know that your support staff is top notch! I have specifically been working with Jared Routly and John Edwards recently and both have gone the extra mile to resolve any issues I have brought to their attention. I am certainly not well versed in the CityView app or in SQL and I am sure that shows whenever I call for help, but both John and Jared are always patient and have always stayed with me from beginning to end! We had another issue today that was mostly my own doing and John was there every step of the way to help get it resolved. I deal with several vendors and I can attest that the level of customer service provided by your support staff is miles ahead of most and that’s something to be proud of. This is the first time I have sent a note of this nature to ANY vendor but I feel it’s important that you and those in charge know what a great job these guys are doing. Please make sure your superiors see this and thanks for the great service!”
- Jason Underwood, Information Systems Administrator; City of Yucaipa, CA

“We found the level of Support from CityView employees to be excellent. They have provided an amazing amount of support and assistance throughout the entire process.”
--John McMains, City of Yucaipa, CA

“CityView Support delivers Blue-Ribbon support for Rockingham County. Anytime we have problems with our server, or desktops (which is rare), I can contact support and expect a reply within minutes. Not only can support address the issue, they can perform the fix and give me a precise explanation on the fix.”
- Michael Krone, Rockingham County, VA

Scott Salsbury from Blue Earth County, MN wrote in to provide his compliments to CityView Support & Services Manager, John Edwards, regarding the County's recent upgrade:
"It looks like the upgrade to 2012 went really well. John Edwards is really good at his job and is great to work with."

Bill Nell from St. Lucie County, FL wrote in to Jared, CityView application support specialist, to say:
"Just a short note to thank you and Vince for the assistance provided yesterday...It's nice to know that there is such a high level of skill behind our CityView software..."