Code Enforcement Solutions

Ensuring safe building practices and maintaining a safe and desirable living and working environment necessitates working collaboratively with your constituents, neighborhood associations and public service agencies. Having the tools to facilitate the lodging and logging of complaints, ensure timely, priority-based inspections, provide regular customer communication and protect the security and integrity of your data are key assets of the CityView Code Enforcement solution:

  • Code/Bylaw Enforcement. Track and manage your Code/Bylaw Enforcement incidents from citizen complaint to case resolution. CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement ensures your department provides consistent, efficient services, starting with automated inspector assignments based location, priority, or case type. Together with CityView Mobile, code enforcement officers are able to manage and close out more cases each year, ensuring building and nuisance codes are upheld and enforced.
  • CityView Mobile. CityView Mobile allows staff members to easily access key CityView functionality from the field using their light-weight handheld devices.
  • CityView Portal. Using this public portal, citizens and contractors can initiate code cases, apply for over-the-counter permits, view public information regarding specific properties, and so forth. The functionality offered is specific to the needs of municipal constituents, including citizens and contractors. The design is consistent with typical Web browser use and is aimed at a user-base that is otherwise untrained in CityView.
  • CityView Parking Management. CityView Parking Management provides a comprehensive solution for parking tickets and permits, including on-street ticket entry, ticket processing, and permit tracking.
  • CityView Essentials. CityView Essentials is the quickest and most inexpensive entry point into the exceptional operational and service benefits provided by CityView Community Development software.