Community Development Solutions

Community Development departments looking for a total solution to their business management and information tracking needs and challenges can look to CityView Community Development solutions as their one-stop shop. This collection of CityView modules and value-added components will centralize your divisional operations, shorten approval processes, collect accurate revenues, ensure building code compliance and speed up renewals, while providing improved productivity, accountability and accessible government:

  • Property Information. CityView Property Information provides you with a powerful inventory of your organization's property base to help your department find information quickly. Quickly view all data and land management activities associated with a given parcel.
  • Permits & Inspections. Streamline and automate your Building and Engineering Department’s permit approval and issuance processes from initial application to occupancy or use. CityView Permits & Inspections provides you with an efficient approach to permitting that simplifies and standardizes your workflows, and allows you to schedule and record your inspections quickly and with ease, whether updating them back at the office or in real time, in the field, through CityView Mobile.
  • Planning. Track and manage all types of planning and development applications from beginning to end, reviewing and meeting mandated milestones along the way. Route the approvals; schedule and record the hearings; automate neighborhood notifications through seamless GIS integration; and monitor conditions through the life cycle of the project.
  • Code/Bylaw Enforcement. Track and manage your Code/Bylaw Enforcement incidents from citizen complaint to case resolution. CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement ensures your department provides consistent, efficient services, starting with automated inspector assignments based location, priority, or case type. Together with CityView Mobile, code enforcement officers are able to manage and close out more cases each year, ensuring building and nuisance codes are upheld and enforced.
  • Licensing. Simply and efficiently issue and track licenses for any type of business. CityView Licensing provides you with a streamlined approach to licensing that increases your revenue and decreases your workload.
  • Rental Housing. CityView Rental Housing automates and manages your entire Rental Housing and compliance initiatives. Owners and property managers of rental premises have the responsibility to provide basic necessities, and are required to ensure that the premises are properly maintained.
  • Cashiering. CityView Cashiering guarantees that accurate, correct revenue collection is no longer an ongoing challenge; it's simply a matter of inputting it into the system. CityView Cashiering centralizes the collection of revenues from all CityView modules.
  • CityView Mobile. CityView Mobile allows staff members to easily access key CityView functionality from the field using their light-weight handheld devices.
  • CityView Portal. Using this public portal, citizens and contractors can initiate code cases, apply for over-the-counter permits, view public information regarding specific properties, and so forth. The functionality offered is specific to the needs of municipal constituents, including citizens and contractors. The design is consistent with typical Web browser use and is aimed at a user-base that is otherwise untrained in CityView.
  • CityView Electronic Plans Review. CityView combines electronic submission, versioning and workflow capabilities with the vast functionality of Bluebeam’s flagship product, Bluebeam Revu for integrated electronic plans review, management of marked up documents and online collaboration. CityView is an authorized registered reseller of Bluebeam products.
  • CityView Extensions. CityView offers a variety of extensions with other software that helps to complete your CityView solution, including Microsoft Outlook Add-in, Web Services Extension, Application Builder, and more.
  • CityView Essentials. is the quickest and most inexpensive entry point into the exceptional operational and service benefits provided by CityView Community Development software.