Licensing Solutions

Encouraging responsible business practices relies on having accurate records of the businesses and other commercial establishments in your jurisdiction. By implementing CityView’s Licensing solutions you not only ensure your records are current and revenues accurate, but you greatly facilitate the renewal process through automation and ensure a wealth of data is available to support economic development initiatives and monitoring. CityView Licensing solutions also provide your constituents with convenient 24/7 access.

  • Licensing. CityView Licensing allows you to control licensing for any type of business. It manages workflow for you, from tracking and issuing business licenses that are going to expire to generating batch renewal notices, creating tax certificates, and producing correspondence logs. With CityView Licensing you will increase revenue because you can accurately track expired business licenses and correctly calculate penalty fees and interest.
  • Animal Licensing. Our Animal License module helps you manage the approval, licensing and renewal process to ensure accurate records of all licensed animals within your jurisdiction.
  • Rental HousingCityView Rental Housing automates and manages your entire Rental Housing and compliance initiatives. Owners and property managers of rental premises have the responsibility to provide basic necessities, and are required to ensure that the premises are properly maintained.
  • CityView Portal. Using this public portal, citizens and contractors can initiate code cases, apply for over-the-counter permits, view public information regarding specific properties, and so forth. The functionality offered is specific to the needs of municipal constituents, including citizens and contractors. The design is consistent with typical Web browser use and is aimed at a user-base that is otherwise untrained in CityView.